Westby runs rings around the ‘Stig’


Westby runs rings around the ‘Stig’

Appearing in her first TV production, Michelle showed no nerves as in her first scene she was told to drive ‘at reasonable’ speed out onto an unused port platform and head directly at the production’s star – Ben Collins.  Upon reaching him at around 40mph, she was asked to ‘do donuts’ around him as he looked on in amazement at who this relaxed looking blond was trying to run him into the nearby Thames!  Onlookers would have never had guessed that Michelle had never done this type of thing before, even with the dark clouds gathering and the director keen to get things shot in one or two takes, Michelle took to it like a duck to water.  In fact, the scene was a perfect start to the sequence as it pitted Collins’ relaxed approach and dry sense of humour with the catwalk model looks of Westby, making their getaway as they sped off in Michelle’s Nissan even more entertaining.

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